Information of Cancer Center

We expanded, and the cancer medical center moved to a new floor from April, 2013 to plan improvement of the convenience of a patient in correspondence with the increase in cancer patient.

We gives medical care to specialized outpatient of cancer in the specialized consulting room of the exclusive floor separately from the outpatient department of each clinical department.

  • For hematology  and oncology.
  • For stomach cancer.
  • For colorectal cancer.
  • For lung cancer.
  • For lactiferous gland.
  • For palliative care.
  • For gynecologic tumor.

※There is the cancer outpatient treated in the hospital main building.

The Fukui Prefectural hospital is the prefectures cancer medical treatment cooperation base hospital which we appointed as the hospital Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare takes the central cancer medical treatment function of the prefecture on.

we carry roles such as placement of the professional staff, enforcement of the combined modality therapy, an offer of the mild medical care and second opinion, the construction of the cooperation system with the local hospital and medical office.

We establish the cancer consultation support center and perform the training, reporting for the prefecture and adjust the cooperation system, the consultation supporting system.